List of testimonials

MBA Human Resources and International Mobility Management (2007)

Created by Jean-Flavien Le Besque / International Human Resources Manager, Safran, Dallas, USA

"Above all, the course gave me a vocation after I finished my studies in political science and business law by giving me the professional expertise to pursue a career in HR. I was hired as soon as I graduated and was able to take on various positions requiring expertise in international mobility, general HR management, and HR development. Today I have three main responsibilities: coordinating international HR practices, international mobility management, and managing employees in remote locations. I am also general HR manager of one of our subsidiaries, whose employees are present in twenty countries."

MBA Compensation & Benefits Management (2013)

Created by Elodie Perbet / Compensation & Benefits coordinator, Sodexo International HR

"Having held the position of Payroll Manager on an international basis for several years, I wanted to specialize and work on issues related to compensation and international mobility. To achieve this, I decided to enroll in the MBA in International HR and C&B Management. This proved to be very pertinent. The course allowed me to gain a solid knowledge of the field and to hit the ground running. The classes are taught by C&B and HR professionals from different backgrounds, which allowed me not only to be aware of the realities on the ground, but also to understand the business from different angles. This multidisciplinary approach and versatility are a major asset of the course. The program is widely recognized and has a very good reputation within the C&B community, making graduates of the MBA highly employable. For me it was an excellent personal and professional experience that allowed me to move forward in my career and join Sodexo."