These courses, organized by the Institut Magellan, allow practicing professionals to quickly acquire and implement technical skills in:



Teaching methods:

Our training is focused on ensuring that participants gain a working knowledge of the subject. To achieve this, most courses use a 3-phase approach allowing concrete learning, which have met with great success among participants:


  • Seminars for transfer of technical, methodological, regulatory knowledge, etc.
  • Round tables with several professionals from diverse sectors to open up different contexts, give concrete examples and exchange on the subject
  • Group case studies based on real-life situations to develop operational skills


    Assessment methods:

    Short courses:

    Our short courses are made up of modular training programs on topics specific to our occupations. Teaching methods are based on the transfer of technical knowledge and methods (classes), sharing application in-company (round-tables) and experimentation with the subject through case studies (skills acquisition). There is no certification assessment at the end of these courses.


    Certificate courses:

    After some short courses, the Institut Magellan gives participants the option to test skills acquired during their training by taking the corresponding certification.

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