Global talent management


This course allows human resources professionals and talent managers to acquire and develop the necessary strategic and operational competencies to manage their company's talent on an international scale. It aids participants in defining the policy and the resources required to deploy a full arsenal of talent management processes, from acquisition and identification to development and retention.



All HR professionals and managers involved in talent management.




  • Becoming a talent management expert: competencies and drivers of success
  • Business and talent strategy concerns
  • The impact of the organization and its culture 
  • How should the concept of talent be defined in your company?

             - Criteria
             - Related considerations: transparency, shared vision, generational and cultural approach
             - Expected behaviors and values

  • Global vs local talents
  • Talent acquisition and identification (internal and external) - sourcing

            - Mapping; competency frameworks, competencies, occupations
            - Methods: e.g. talent reviews, nomination committees, talent pooling, etc.
            - Assessment
            - Inductions
            - Management's role
            - Individual aspirations and talent programs

  • Talent development and retention

            - Talent review
            - Leverage: financial, career paths, development programs (leadership, training, cultural exchanges,                      etc.), visibility/exposure, access to directors, international careers, etc.
            - Talent support (e.g. mentors, coaching or co-development)
            - Succession plans
            - Rights and responsibilities of a talent
            - The importance of HRIS for talent management

  • The key stages of the process
  • Performance management for talents 
  • Diversity and inclusion in talent management in the context of change or international mergers and                acquisitions
  • Return on investment, metrics and KPI
  • Meet talent managers from different contexts: policies, practices and recommendations
  • Case studies and role plays



This course can be followed by people in employment.

Training: four days, a total of 27 hours

Classes usually run from 9:00 to 18:30

Venue: Paris


Dates and fees:

  • 02, 03, 09 and 10 December 2021 
  • EUR 2,900 before tax (including lunches)


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José-Maria Aulotte

Consultant, ex-HRD at Groupe Arc International

Associate professor at the Magellan Institute

Mathilde Brognart,

Talent Manager, Alstom

Antoine Tirard,

Talent Management expert consultant






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