GROW Certification

Develop your management and coaching skills

The ability to identify and nurture talent is a company's most powerful tool for growth. Establishing a relationship based on trust, being open to listening to employees, and helping them grow should be a top priority for any HR manager or supervisor.


The GROW coaching method is one of the world's most successful and well-known. Developed in the 1980s, it was popularized by John Whitmore's best-selling book, Coaching for Performance.


Our course will teach you how to adopt the GROW model and thereby acquire the fundamental traits and techniques of a manager or a coach. You will work towards obtaining a GROW certification to demonstrate the skills you have acquired. 


Advantages of the program

  • Earn a certificate (subject to the jury's approval)
  • Practical and operational
  • Group work and individual support to consolidate learning and personalize the course
  • People in other regions can take part - two face-to-face modules and two distance-learning modules

Dates and schedule

The course includes:

  • two face-to-face modules of two days, run by two experienced consultants/coaches
  • four individual sessions to personalize the course and provide opportunities for specific feedback. First session before the seminar

Between the two modules:

  • Pair work: 2 x 4 coaching sessions (A coaches B, then B coaches A). The pairs then debrief each other on each role and offer feedback
  • Individual work: reading, study, observation and roadmaps between individual sessions

The program ends with the preparation of a dissertation, to be presented to the jury

Dates of the next session

5 days

Module 1: 16 and 17 September 2019
Module 2: 09 and 10 December 2019
Dissertation defense : 07 February 2020

35 hours in total (including modules 1 and 2 and the dissertation defense, excluding independent study) / Minimum of 15 participants


In-company: contact us


Individual: EUR 4,500 before tax

In-company: contact us

Enrollment form and terms and conditions

For in-company training for more than three employees, feel free to contact us for a personalized quote.


Who is it for?

All managers and/or HR managers who wish to adopt the GROW model and fundamental coaching techniques.

Program directors

Corinne Martin

Consultant coach and founder, Performance Consultants France







Claire Baran

Consultant coach and associate, Performance Consultants France






Module 1: Introduction to coaching approaches and tools

  • From potential to performance
  • The two key factors in driving performance: awareness and responsibility
  • Different management styles and their impact
  • The importance of attitude and inter-personal relations

Understanding the GROW model and coaching basics

  • Learning to question
  • Learning to listen actively
  • Concept and risk of acting as the "rescuer"
  • Becoming aware of one's own world view and learning to let go in order to see the world from someone else's perspective


Module 2: Further study of the GROW model

Debriefing on the first module - questions and issues


  • Significance of feedback
  • Learning how to conduct a feedback session
  • Signs of recognition
  • Increasing employees' motivation and engagement

Emotional intelligence - a key competency

A solid understanding and assimilation of the importance and impact of emotions on thinking,
behavior and decision-making.

  • Developing your emotional intelligence to allow you to support personnel
  • Identifying and managing your own and others' emotions
  • SNSP model, a powerful tool for increasing efficiency in the face of adversity and undesirable situations

Preparation for certification

Use of roadmaps, discussion of subjects from the report and pair-based preparation for the dissertation defense.



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