Magellan MBA: Post exams!

Here we go! After an intensive year rich in human connections, professional meetings and international seminars (Singapore, Brazil, and the US), we are off to start our final exams!

It’s time to focus on what we have learnt throughout the year courses, remembered from round table discussions and acquired during seminars.




All 3 specialized MBA students (MI, C&B and IHR) are studying hands in hands more than ever. We know that competition will be tough, but a general spirit of benevolence is prevailing. Last minute revision groups are formed and work hard with common intelligence which is our strength. With “Enjeux RH dans les Entreprises Internationales” written by Yves Girouard, this book has been our “bible”, sitting on our nightstands for the last couple of weeks before the D-Day.



I must admit, even though stress was slightly taking over us, that didn’t stop us from having a final drink before cramming for our exams!




It is only after receiving warmest encouragements from the Magellan pedagogical team, who accompanied us during the last 9 months, that we passed our exams. Not only theorical knowledge was required to be successful, but also practical skills gained through previous professional experiences, know-how and expertise.




Finally, we are now on the steady road to graduation! After having completed our 6 months internship, submitted our professional thesis and passed the presentation in front of a jury, be sure that we will celebrate as it should be!



I would like to take the opportunity to thank the faculty team for their pep talks during this hectic academic year and wish good luck to all future students!



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