Compensation Certifications

Developed by an advisory board made up of 39 experts, Magellan certifications offer compensation & benefits and international mobility professionals and their companies a common grounding in competencies required for all the professions we certify, regardless of their work environment (holding, subsidiary, operational divisions, centers of excellence, consultancies, etc.).


Magellan certifications serve to validate professionals' knowledge and operational competencies.

They also:

- allow certificate holders to be recognized for their expertise;

- make certificate holders more employable as a result of their certified skills;

- provide a standard frame of reference for all companies, ensuring that there is a transparent definition

        of the professions involved in the HR function;

- help to ensure that all employees share a basic skill set.


Magellan certificate course areas of expertise:


Compensation & benefits: 

- Compensation: compensation structures, short-term variable pay, evaluation, market analysis and salary surveys, long-term variable pay, executive compensation, budgeting and management of personnel costs, employee savings and shareholding , compensation management

- Benefits: medical expenses, death and disability cover, pensions, fringe benefits, benefits management

- Finance, accounting and employer liabilities, data management, and Excel® for comp & ben




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