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Professional seminars abroad

Magellan international learning expeditions are professional, practical and operational. Each one is the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and stronger skills in international HR practices as well as in certain geographic locations.


During each seminar, the participants meet numerous expert speakers from regional human resources, as well as various local and international stakeholders. This constitutes an immense wealth of knowledge transfer, exchange of experience and professional contacts.



    The seminars have multiple learning objectives:


    • Understand the specifics of HR management in the region and country concerned
    • Benefit from a practical approach to the region
    • Get to grips with the latest regional and local technical practices and changes in your field (e.g. comp & ben or international mobility)
    • Develop knowledge of local legal systems and key regulations


                                                                                     Participants in our learning expeditions must speak english.



      Advantages of Magellan international learning expeditions


      •  A  themed program of talks from professionals
      •  Round tables to allow dialog and exchange with professionals and stakeholders
      •  A  visit to a local industrial site (for the seminars in Singapore)
      •  Development of each participant’s professional network (joint participation of Institut Magellan Specialized MBA students and HR professionals)
      •  Possibility of organizing an in-company learning expedition with a program tailored to your company’s needs






      • Students from our partner establishments who wish to gain a better understanding of HR issues in the countries and regions concerned



      • HRDs, international HR managers
      • Country/regional HR managers
      • International mobility managers
      • C&B managers
      • Talent managers
      • Development managers
      • Country managers



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